Thursday, March 8, 2018

To Market to Market...

Home again, home again,
jiggety jig...

Today was the first day of our Market Weekend and we had a great time.  Brownies, Wildflower Lemon Bars, and Pink frosted sugar cookies...yum. 
As we have been unpacking the wonderful treasures that we brought back from the market, Teri and I thought it would be fun to show you some of the things that we hadn't yet had a chance to talk about. Stop by for a treat and come on in and see some delicious stitching goodies.

Shepherd's Bush Fobs:  $10.00
These are a lot of fun to get ready.  We sold all that I had made for the market, so I got to make more last night to have at the shop.  

Easter Eggs:  each kit--$14.00
Teri took our little framed eggs and refinished them to hang on our Easter Tree.  I think they turned out darling.

Puffin Prize!
Here we are with Diane from Puffin.  She was celebrating her 10 year anniversary held a carnival in her room at the market.  We won the drawing for this amazing basket of Puffin treats and we are very excited.  Thanks, Diane!

New charts from Chessie and Me

Nettie Brown's Work Box
Chart: $12.00

Pear Tree Sampler
Chart: $12.00

Out On A Limb
chart:  $12.00

Quaker Work Tray
 chart:  $12.00
wooden tray:  $

Esther Iddison 1834 Sampler                            Lincoln Home 1860 Sample 
Chart:  $24.00                                               Chart:  $12.00

Jeannette Douglas Designs
Letters from Mom: chart:  $12.00

This is a fun new series that Jeannette is starting for the next year.  The center chart is out now that says--Letters from Mom.  Then each of the 12 border charts will will come out once a month with a little saying from our moms.  They are very sweet and have lots of Jeannette's lovely decorative stitches embellishing each one.  

Journey Box                                                           Mermaid Box
                                Chart:  $16.00                                                           Chart:  $16.00
                                Embellishment pack:  $44.00                                   Embellishment pack:  $60.00
                                                                                                                  Box $ 52.00                           

Vintage Animals
Chart: $ 15.00

Quilt Block Sampler:  Chart and thread :  $ 31.00
Blue colorway or Pink colorway

New from Blackbird Designs
Deck the Halls
booklet:  $20.00

This sweet booklet is billed with darling designs for Strawberry pin cushions.  It will make you want to make a bowlful for yourself.

Shall I Compare Thee to a Summer's Day

I just love this book.  I am pulling the threads and linen for the above pin cushion tomorrow and I am going to get it started.  I also want to do the shortened version of the Adam and Eve Sampler.

And Blossom as the Rose
book:  $20.00

La D Da 

                            Love Abide                                                                        Awake My Soul
                            chart:  $14.00                                                                     chart:  $12.00

                   Sweet Pea                                                                               B Is For Bunny
                   chart:  $12.00                                                                           chart:  $12.00

We stitched the sampler hare (left) last year and now there is a friend- Sweet Pea, darling

Blackberry Lane charts

I saw these in the window at the Blackberry Lane booth, and they are darling.  I just need to decide which ones to stitch for the shop.

Needlework Press
Sampler notebooks $ 5.00
Micro fiber cloths $ 6.00
Sampler stickers $2.00

Stacy Nash

                    Jack                           Milo
                  Chart $12.00             Chart $12.00                                      Other Stacy Nash charts

Lady Dot
Dyed Velveteen $6.00


Market Week 

We were so excited to bring out all the new things from market.  Here are our own pieces, and then a few of the market displays 

Happy Ewe  and Spring Notes

Road to Paris Sampler - $80.00 at the top, then in the suitcase are Travel Trifles leaflet $8.00 or complete kit -center bottom.,    Magpie Pincushion $20.00 -left,   
Embrace the Journey Bag $24.00- right,   Explore Your World fob $16.00

New patterns ready to be seen

new zappy dots, notebooks, and scissors

Punti Punti 
Button Sets $ 15.00
Pin Sets $ 13.00
Single Buttons $2.50

I am going to have to track this gal down, we have sold her pin and button sets so well.  They are all made out of the polymer clay and are so detailed, I wish I had purchased many more.  

Teri had the best day today, visiting with our darling customers (near and far), pulling projects and changing threads and fabrics.  She will keep adding the projects she is pulling for us and for others, so check back often.    

Plum Street Samplers  Woolenmina
Chart $ 10.00

We are sending Woolemina out to be stitched, but we will be stitching her in purples... what could be better than purple flowers and a sheep.

Blessed Bee from With Thy Needle and Thread
Chart $12.00

We love these bees... so many projects, we need more time to stitch.  

Here a Peep There a Peep by With Thy Needle and Thread
chart $12.00

Here is Here a Peep from With my needle and Thread, we are stitching it on a soft dyed fabric that looks like an easter egg,  

Monday, February 26, 2018

Pre Nashville

Almost Market
February, 2018

Dear Friends,
We are finally on the countdown--4 days until market and it seems like there is still so much to do. We are yet frantically stitching, packaging, printing and finishing up odds and ends to get everything sorted out to leave on Thursday.  A little exhilarating and a little panicking at the same time.  Our lovely spring-in-winter weather has given way to snow and deep freeze, so I guess it is lucky to be relegated to indoor tasks. We are hoping Nashville will be warmer, anything above 30 degrees will be great.   Flip flops are already in my suitcase.  We want to give you a bit of a preview of the wonderful things that we will be picking up in Nashville, so be sure to take a look at the treasures below.  
Our Market Weekend will be Thursday, March 8th-Saturday, March 10th.
Drop by anytime to see all of the wonderful new things, choose a project and let us help you pick the perfect fabrics.  
I know that many of you have been corresponding with Teri about the things you want her to pick up for you.  Thank you.  That is so helpful and gives here a mission at the market.  If you see something that you would like us to pick up/save for you, please give us a call and let us know.  Even if you don't see it on the blog below, we will be happy to find what you are looking for.  

2018 Shepherd's Retreat

It is almost time to sign up for the Retreat.  Yay!  
We will post the brochure on March 15th at 12:00 noon MST
You may print the registration form at that time, fill it out completely, and either fax it back or scan and email it back to us.  If you live nearby, you can always bring it into the shop.  Last time, it filled up within the afternoon, so be ready to act.  If you email the form, I will try to let you know quite quickly that we have received it.  If you fax it, it might take a bit longer.  Be sure to write very, very legibly.  Both Tracks will be fantastic--I promise.  Plus you will have evening activities to get to know the other teachers as well.
Retreat Dates:
October 12-13:  Open House at Shepherd's Bush, Ogden, Utah  (optional, but very fun)
October 14:  Free day to travel here or enjoy Autumn in Utah
October 15-17:  Retreat at The Canyons in Park City
( you will need to stay at the Resort on those days.)

Spoiler Alert:
So many shops are anxious for market sneak peaks, that we are showing the new things from Shepherd's Bush.  So...if you want to be surprised, you might want to scroll down quickly.  Otherwise, have fun perusing our offerings below.
Happy shopping

New Offerings from Shepherd's Bush

On the Road to Paris
kit:  $80.00

Magpie Pincushion
kit:  $20.00

Explore your World Scissor Fob                                                Embrace the Journey Bag
kit:  $16.00                                                                            kit:  $24.00

Chocolate Snowman
kit:  $30.00

Spring Notes
booklet:  $8.00
complete kit and frame also available

Travel Trifles
Leaflet $8.00
Complete kits are available

There will be three different pincushions on this sweet leaflet.  We are still stitching them.  

Happy Ewe
pincushion kit:  $30.00
button and chart only:  $8.00

Travel Trifles
 booklet only:  $8.00
complete kit also available

Sorry, but we are still stitching this, but it is just darling.  Check back for a photo.

New mesh sheep bags that we have just received  

Find below some of the other fantastic new things that will be available from market. 
We will add more as we get closer so be sure to check back. 

Plumstreet Samplers

New  Heartstring Samplery

New The Scarlett House

New from Brenda Gervais

Hands Across the Sea

Please check back and see what else new we have posted.